Thinking About BOTOX for the First Time?

Thinking About BOTOX for the First Time?


Before you think of going for Botox as a first timer, you must have heard something about it and what it does to the body. The function of Botox injections is to help block some chemical signals from the nerves. Botox helps block the contraction of the nerves and this injection, when taken, helps to relax the muscles to reduce repetitive facial movements that could lead to lines and wrinkles, especially on the face.

That fact established, let’s inform you of some facts that’ll set you at ease as a Botox first-timer.

People won’t notice

When you get your Botox injection from a Master Level trained injector like Dr. Galitizin, most people, no matter how close, will notice – not even your best friend or your boyfriend. Even if you tell people about it, they won’t see the effect, and they will forget about it in a few days.

You will see and love the difference

Once Botox starts its work on your face, you as well as others around you will notice a massive change. Botox will help remove those frown lines that make you look old and “ugly,” and you will not have to use powder to get rid of the lines between your eyes.

You can go for Botox at any age

There is no ideal age to go for Botox. However, the proper time is before you start having deeper wrinkles on your face. The results do not depend on age but on environmental factors (like sun exposure), the genetics of the person and the type of skin the person has. You can go for Botox in your mid-twenties; you will only be given small doses that you need for the prevention of wrinkles.

It doesn’t hurt much

Even though you are scared of needles, we can assure you that Botox doesn’t hurt. Here at Skin Care at 5th Ave, we use the tiniest needles on the market for minimal discomfort. Dosages vary, and it depends on the person and the number of wrinkles on the face. It takes a few minutes for the procedure to be carried out.

A little bruising is common, but the result is almost immediate

You may have little or no bruise that is not noticeable even without makeup. The result of Botox starts within 2-3 days with full effect at two weeks, and you’ll feel the changes happening.

From the above tips, you can see how Botox works, and you are free to go for it now. For more information, you can contact us at Skin Care 5th Ave. to speak with a Botox specialist that will assist you.

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