Introduction to Microneedling

From acne to signs of aging, imperfections in our skin can be difficult to cover or treat. Microneedling is a nonsurgical treatment option that encourages the production of collagen to promote the healing of blemishes and more. Skin Care at 5th Ave. can perform microneedling or another treatment to rejuvenate your skin. Our home base is located in Peachtree City, GA but we see microneedling patients from all over the greater Atlanta area, including but not limited to Fayetteville & Newnan.

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What is Microneedling?

A microneedling device is a handheld tool that is rolled across the skin. Tiny sterilized needles make small pinpricks in the skin that stimulate the body’s natural healing response. The body then produces collagen and elastin to heal these, healing other imperfections in the process. You can benefit from a microneedling treatment if you have a variety of skin issues, including:

  • Acne
  • Acne scars
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Age spots
  • Minor skin sagging
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Large pores
  • Sun damage
  • Stretch marks

Microneedling is usually performed on the face but can also be performed on other areas of the body, like the stomach or thighs. It is safe for all skin tones and may be better than laser treatments for patients who have deeper skin tones.

We offer different types of Microneedling depending on your unique concerns. In addition to traditional microneedling, Dr. Galitzin can perform different variations of the procedure

What are the Benefits of Microneedling?

At Skin Care at 5th Ave., we have seen our Microneedling patients in the greater Atlanta area enjoy the following benefits from their treatment:

Less Downtime: Dermabrasion can result in downtime as your skin heals. Chemical peels can be necessary for some instances, but when you’re not treating surface conditions, you may find it embarrassing to be seen in public for several days as your skin sheds. Microneedling has minimal side effects. Some of these side effects, like redness, can be covered with makeup after a single day, and most patients feel comfortable returning to their normal activities within 48 hours of treatment.

Safer Treatment: Store-bought derma rollers may be cheaper than a professional treatment, but they can be dangerous when used incorrectly. Our skin care professionals know the proper technique to get results without damaging the skin and can sterilize their microneedling devices, significantly reducing the risk of infection.

Noticeable Results: A professional microneedling device has longer needles than a store-bought derma roller, so your treatment affects deeper layers of your skin. You can see more noticeable results in fewer treatments.

Who are the Best Candidates for Microneedling?

At Skin Care at 5th Ave., we feel the best candidates for Microneedling in the greater-Atlanta area share some of the following characteristics:

  • Are over the age of 18
  • Do not currently have any medical conditions that would cause issues healing from the treatment
  • Have realistic expectations regarding the outcome of the treatment
  • Keeps a positive mentality regarding cosmetic procedures
  • Looking to combat signs of aging
  • Would like to get rid of acne scars and other skin impurities
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First Step

What’s the First Step?

If you’re in the greater Atlanta area and interested in getting microneedling the first step is to schedule a consultation at Skin Care at 5th Ave. When you come in for this appointment, you will be able to meet with Dr. Galizin who will listen to your skincare desires, ask your questions regarding your medical history, and evaluate your skin. When discussing your history, it is important to be open and honest as this will ensure safe treatment and recovery. After collecting the information needed, Dr. Galitzin will create your treatment plan and if you agree with it, you may begin your session immediately, or reschedule with our Patient Coordinator for a better time that suits your schedule.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Microneedling

Following a typical microneedling procedure, your plasma is applied to the treatment area. Platelets help heal wounds by speeding up the healing process and stimulating cell renewal after your treatment. This kind of microneedling may work better when treating uneven skin texture and scars from surgery or acne.


SkinPen® microneedling is a precise treatment that can do everything microneedling can, including smooth scars and fine lines; however, SkinPen may be a more efficient treatment when trying to target imperfections in intricate areas that a traditional microneedling device can’t cover. These areas include the décolletage and around the nose.

Dr. Joseph Galitzin can perform these safe, minimally invasive procedures on virtually all skin types and tones.

Radiofrequency Microneedling

Also known as RF microneedling, this treatment uses heat to target deeper layers of skin than microneedling can reach alone with little to no downtime. RF microneedling delivers radiofrequency energy into the skin that is transformed into heat. This plumps the skin, smoothing wrinkles and acne scars.

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What to Expect on the Day of Microneedling

When you’re ready for your treatment, it will begin with a cleaning of your skin, followed by a numbing gel that is applied to the treatment area to provide more comfort. Dr. Galitzin will then gently run the microneedling device across your skin, creating micro-injuries. If you’re receiving RF Microneedling, the needles will also release radiofrequency waves deep into your skin. Once complete, Dr. Galitzin will apply a topical cream or serum to encourage cell regrowth and alleviate pain. If you’re receiving PFP microneedling, your platelets will be administered at this time. Due to the channels in your skin from the needles, your serum or platelets can penetrate deeper into your skin.

The treatment takes about 15 to 20 minutes, but it depends on the size of the area being treated. Patients see the best results after two to three treatments, with about four weeks between each session. This gives the skin enough time to heal.

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Microneedling Recovery

Microneedling involves little to no downtime. However, you may experience some mild side effects for the first day or two after treatment, such as:

  • Redness
  • Swelling around the treatment area
  • Some minor bleeding
  • A feeling of warmness, like a sunburn

As your skin heals, use a gentle cleanser, avoid harsh skin care products, and wear sunscreen. Follow all aftercare instructions given to you by Dr. Galitzin.

How Much Does Microneedling Cost in Atlanta?

The cost of Microneedling in Peachtree City and the Greater Atlanta area is based on a few different factors, including the type of microneedling treatment you are getting and the surface area that is being treated. When you meet with Dr. Galitzin and he creates your treatment plan, our Patient Coordinator will be able to provide you with a price breakdown.

Why Choose Us?

As the medical director of Skin Care at 5th Ave. in Peachtree City, GA, ​Dr. Joseph Galitzin has the vision to offer physician-driven non-surgical treatments to preserve young, smooth, pigment-free skin. He started this practice as a “one-stop shop” for discerning clients seeking the finest in facial rejuvenation and skin care. Dr. Galitzin completed his surgical residency at Maimonides Medical Center, followed by a Hand fellowship at NYU in the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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Imperfections in the skin can lead to low self-esteem, but over-the-counter treatments don’t always work. Dr. Galitzin and his staff at Skin Care at 5th Ave. provide patients with professional treatment options to fix their skin flaws. These treatment plans are often faster than over-the-counter or store-bought options and provide more noticeable results.

If you’re in Atlanta, Fayetteville, Newnan, or beyond, request a consultation using our form or call our Peachtree City office at +1 770 487 2645.

Microneedling FAQs

Is Microneedling painful?

Although the Microneedling treatment isn’t painful, it is uncomfortable for many patients, especially those afraid of needles. We do provide a numbing gel to make your experience more comfortable and the treatment is rather quick. If you have any concerns, please discuss them during your consultation.

How many appointments will I need?

While you only have to have one session to begin reaping the wonderful results of Microneedling, your skin will continue to respond better with two or three treatments. After meeting with Dr. Galitzin for your consultation and he has a better understanding of your needs, he will be able to let you know how many appointments you will realistically need.

How long until I see results?

Initially, after your treatment, you will be reddened and swollen, but this will dissipate over a few hours or days. You will be able to enjoy your tighter and more volumized skin within four to six weeks.

Can I combine Microneedling with other procedures?

Certainly! Between microneedling sessions, you may choose to refine the results of your procedure with one of our other skin treatments. Additional treatments you may consider include:
  • HydraFacial MD®: Alternating between HydraFacial MD® and microneedling every few weeks can treat your skin from the inside out and the outside in by removing dead skin cells and keeping your skin hydrated.
  • Mild Chemical Peel: Before undergoing microneedling treatment, a mild chemical peel can exfoliate the outermost layer of your skin, allowing your microneedling treatment to reach deeper into your skin.
  • Skin Care Products: Dr. Galitzin can help you create an at-home skincare routine to target concerns between microneedling treatments. From acne to signs of aging, the proper routine can help minimize imperfections.
If you want to enhance your results or are interested in other forms of cosmetic enhancements, Dr. Galitzin can make recommendations based on your unique needs, skin type, and color during your consultation.

What are the risks associated with Microneedling?

Microneedling is an overall safe treatment, however, most treatments can have some risks. Microneedling potential risks and side effects include: 
  • Bleeding
  • Bruising
  • Infection
  • Peeling
  • Potential scarring
If you have any long-term or concerning reactions during your recovery, please contact us immediately.

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