The "Triangle of Beauty"...What is it?


Triangle of beauty is a philosophy that anti-aging specialists adapt to achieve younger looks in people. This concept which is also known as volume loss involves replenishing depleted tissue in the body rather than expanding and stretching the outer facial tissue, which was a traditional practice used in surgical facelift procedures back in the days. Since it is better to replenish depleted tissue, many women are now dropping older techniques and turning to this unique concept.

What causes a sagging face is the addition of a weakening facial tissue which adds to the downward pull of gravity. This becomes a concern as it causes the face to sag more. This is why many patients in the past have always gone for surgical options. While patients in the past have gone to surgical procedures to lift areas of their faces, many patients now choose other procedures to polish the contours of their face.

The goal is to ensure that there is a visual balance relationship between the prominent cheekbones and the chin. Equality in the distance between these three points leads to what is called the “Triangle of Beauty.” This triangle is not sitting upright, but it’s an upside down equilateral triangle.

This type of cheekbone-chin balance is what forms the beautiful looking face in people.


The Triangle of Beauty is an upside down triangle of a beautiful face which is characterized by smooth, round-shaped, high cheekbones, and a thin, sharp jawline. The Triangle of Beauty also called the triangle of youth or the heart of the face becomes inverted due to the natural aging process as our skin begins to sag, and our face loses volume.

Are we going to regret the formation of our upside down triangle and be jealous of the high cheekbones in youths?

Triangle of Beauty restoration is a smooth and lasting way to achieve a smooth and gentle facial-lift, and there are different restoration methods you can adopt to restore your triangle of beauty, to achieve a younger look.

We have different ways of caring for your face and making you look young and beautiful again. We have many hyaluronic acid-based fillers that are designed to help you restore lost volume. Although this acid is produced naturally in our skins, there is a reduction in its production as we age. The decrease in its production leads to our lost volume and sagging skin. By using one of our hyaluronic acid based products, you’re reintroducing this key component into your skin again. These interventions will help to restore your triangle of beauty and make you look beautiful and youthful again.

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