How much does CoolSculpting cost?

How much does CoolSculpting cost?


Feeling comfortable in your body and the clothes you wear is different for every person. For some, removing stubborn fat in certain areas of their bodies would be a massive boost in assisting them with their goals. The great news is that CoolSculpting is designed for this particular type of problem…stubborn fat. However, coolsculpting is not a procedure that is considered medically necessary. Hence, the person getting this treatment will be responsible for all costs.

What does the internet say about CoolSculpting cost?

The cost of coolsculpting varies from patient to patient. The area of the body you want to work on and how much fat you have around there determines how much you will pay. In 2017, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) revealed that CoolSculpting treatment costs around $1,481 per treatment. On the official coolsculpting website, however, a coolsculpting expert said that the procedure cost between $2000 and $4000 per session. We here at Skin Care 5th Ave. have had individuals complete their treatment for under $1,000 and some required more than $4,000 in total costs. The reason there is so much variability is that everyone is different, and every person’s body is unique.

The best way to know the exact amount you will pay for the procedure is to come in for a consultation. Fortunately, you do not have to pay for consultations, and you will not be obligated to book for treatment if the cost does not sit well with you. You need to know that apart from the size of the area you want to work on, other factors can also affect the cost of the procedure, and these include the practice, types of applicators being used, and the experience of the CoolSculpting specialist performing the assessment and treatment.

CoolSculpting Cost Verbiage

Understanding the “lingo” around CoolSculpting treatments is a significant component of understanding the actual cost of your CoolSculpting treatment. There are a couple of terms you need to be familiar with in order to understand all the costs associated with this procedure. First, you need to understand the word “CYCLE.” A cycle is anytime an applicator, or handpiece, is placed on your body. Most medical practices price their treatment by the cycle. Second, you need to understand the word “TREATMENT.” A treatment (or treatment session) is the full length of time you spend at the office receiving your CoolSculpting procedure. Many patients confuse the term “cycle” and “treatment.” To put this into a real-world scenario, let’s say you came to the office for one treatment session. During this treatment, you could have several cycles completed in one treatment session. The average number of cycles we perform on patients in one treatment session ranges from 4 to 6. To make this as simple as possible, a patient can have several cycles in one treatment. The number of cycles you receive will depend on the goals you are trying to achieve.

Why experience matters in your final cost?

It is essential that you seek out a medical practice that performs CoolSculpting on a regular basis. This is because the individual that assesses you and inevitably treats you needs to be well versed in how best to utilize the CoolSculpting machine to reach maximum results. This experience only comes with advanced training and years of experience. Here at Skin Care 5th Ave., all of our CoolSculpting providers have had advanced training and have been performing this procedure for many years.

Is coolsculpting covered by insurance?

No, it is not. But you can ask your provider if they offer discounts and payment plans to make payment easy.


Coolsculpting is an effective procedure that can assist patients in sculpting their bodies and helping them reach their goals when it is done correctly. Partnering with a medical practice that understands the technical aspects of this popular treatment is imperative in reaching your goals and not over-paying for the results you are trying to get.

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