How long does Juvederm last?

How long does Juvederm last?

Are you considering Juvederm Fillers as the solution to your lips and face’s line, crease and wrinkles?

If yes, one of the questions that’ll be running through your mind must be, “How long do Juvederm Fillers last?”

Just like every other invasive or non-invasive cosmetic procedure, it’s vital to understand the effectiveness of the procedure before adopting it. For Juvederm fillers and other fillers, it’s crucial to know whether your selected type of filler will guarantee you a lasting smooth, refined, natural, and refreshed appearance.

It’s not unusual; nobody wishes for a momentary effect. A few days or a week of looking good isn’t worth the stress at all.

The big question remains, “How Long does Juvederm last?”

Before we discuss how long the procedure lasts, let’s take a brief overview of Juvederm filler.

What is Juvederm Filler?

The Juvederm filler is a popular type of filler that can reverse or minimize some of the evident signs of aging, like wrinkles and fine lines, from our faces. Just like other cosmetic dermal fillers, Juvederm fillers are used by women and men to treat the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and other forms of aging signs. They’re also used to pump up the lips, fill up hollow areas of the face and restore volume to the skin.

The Juvederm filler is in the form of a sterile gel made from hyaluronic acid. This acid, though synthetic, is designed to mimic the hyaluronic acid that’s naturally found in the skin.

How long does Juvederm Fillers Last?

Juvederm filler therapy can last for different periods in different patients, depending on some number of factors.

One of the main factors that determine how long Juvederm filler injections last is the type of product used. Juvederm comes in several different formulations for use in a different part of the face. Some are more flexible and lighter for use in and around the mouth like Vobella. Others are more robust and have “lifting” characteristics such as Voluma. Depending on the specific type of filler used the duration will change based on how the product was made. Generally, more robust fillers like Voluma are FDA approved to last up to 2 years. While Juvederm Ultra is approved to last up to 1 year.

Another factor that determines how long your Juvederm filler will last is the natural makeup of each individual person. We all have different metabolisms and our bodies break things down at different rates. Each individual person will have their own experience with a filler like Juvederm.

One thing is sure; you can have another Juvederm filler injection when you notice the effect of the previous one is wearing off. A good analogy is that of the gas tank in your car. You don’t want your gas tank to get all the way to E (Empty) before filling it back up again. If you use this analogy with Juvederm injections then you should only have to “top off” you treatment every so often as your body naturally process the filler.


For best results, it’s necessary you consult with Dr. Galitzin to assess your skin and lifestyle before proceeding. He will advise you on how long your Juvederm treatment will last and answer any additional questions you have regarding the treatment. A consultation will also help him know how much Juvederm filler to inject in the area for optimal results.

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